Andrew Kuo is now in the flower shop!

Wifey Flower Shop

Flowers have always occupied an important place in all of Wifey’s projects.

During this time of social distancing and quarantines, we have struggled to find a way of true connection and exchange that feels participatory, supportive and staying true to the Wifey vibes. Then we thought, wait, if we can’t share our art and flower and food-filled creations and collaborations in a public space, then we can find ways to bring part of Wifey to you. And that is how the Wifey Flower Shop was born.

Since most of us are watching trees and flowers begin to bloom from behind our windows and doors, we decided to create a virtual flower shop where we send drawn/painted/photographed flowers to you via mail. There is a long history of mail art — arguably beginning with Van Gogh’s letters to his brother Theo — and its still very much alive and circulating today. In fact, Wifey co-founder Simone Shubuck has been sending mail art for decades and if any of you have been the recipients of her intricately drawn and written letters, you can attest to the power and beauty of her postal-sized creations.

The flower shop will begin with Simone’s drawings of individual flowers and we will continue to add more and more participants to our shop as the project continues. You can buy a flower on this site and send it to anyone as you would a bouquet— a family member, a friend, a medical worker on the front lines, yourself— and it will arrive via the United States Postal Service. As most of you know, the USPS is currently under threat so this is also an act of solidarity with a vital service that so many of us depend on — not only for letters and packages, but for critical medications, payments, and in more and more instances, to cast our vote.

We hope you see this project as a way to celebrate and support vital members of our creative community during this time of great grief and uncertainty, while at the same time letting a stranger or loved one know that although we are in isolation, we are not alone.