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Collection: Small Drop (Simone Shubuck Works on Paper)

These works on paper—created on Simone Shubuck–signature vintage stationery—are reminiscent of the drawings from her box series that began in 2002. The pieces, which are being sold individually, were made in 2021 and use a variety of media, including colored pencil, gouache, and caran d’ache; their size is 7.5” x 9.5”. Shubuck would use the boxes as a mobile studio to transport her drawings. Over time, the boxes themselves grew into works of art, starting off as function and evolving into form, building up layers of information and patina. The box series is labeled through A through M, and they’ve been collected far and wide; one is in the collection of MoMA. (Box M, which holds 12 drawings, is still available; email us for more information on it.) A portion of sales from the drawings in this slide show will be donated to Welcome to Chinatown.

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