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About Us



Wifey was born in 2017 as a creative collaboration between Janine Foeller and Simone Shubuck. When Janine was offered a temporary Brooklyn storefront on Flatbush Avenue, she was certain of two things: she wanted the space to exist outside of the traditional parameters and expectations of an exhibition space, where art and food and people could intersect, collaborate and experience something new. And she wanted New York-based artist Simone Shubuck to take it over, claim it, and mark it as her own. Simone transformed that space into a fluid, breathing artwork, where her drawings, paintings, ceramics and floral arrangements lived with, and were fed by, culinary experimentations that came from her collaborations and friendships with different chefs. This became the shape and soul of Wifey. Since that time, Wifey has assumed other forms and partnerships, yet through all of its permutations and evolutions, what has remained consistent and clear is that art and food and the spaces between have the capacity to inspire creativity and build community. We look forward to sharing more projects with you.