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Collection: Victorian(ish) Portraits

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These works are from an ongoing series by Simone Shubuck, where Simone collects 19th-century photo albums and uses the albums and photographs inside as a starting point and ground for her own work. Simone treats the books as ready-made sculptures that she further manipulates and activates by adding drawings, paint, and yarn to their surfaces. At times, the albums remain intact as sculptural objects and at other times, Simone focuses on the individual photographs discovered inside. Each Victorian portrait holds its own history and Simone celebrates these histories by weaving them into the present through oil crayons, spray paint, and gouache. We love the portraits as pairs, but single images are great too. To learn more about the book series, check out our IG Stories. And, yes, if you ever visited the original Wifey pop up in Brooklyn, you might recall our blade sign featuring two of these ladies from the series. 10% of the proceeds of each piece will be donated to Feeding America.